About Us

The History of CMPD HOPE 

CMPD HOPE was founded on November 12th, 2007 by Vicki Foster, Assistant Chief of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.
In her own words, CMPD HOPE was founded because:
"CMPD HOPE is a non-profit orgainization that I started as a result of an incident in my career where I felt helpless.  I was the Captain of a division when one of my officers contracted a deadly disease and suddenly passed away.  He was a young officer and had no kids, his parents were deceased and he was not married.  For the most part, we were his family.  I remember tying to collect money on the day of the funeral to pay the organist for his services.  I couldn't believe that I didn't have time to mourn for him because I had to ensure the financial demands were taken care of for the services.
I remember thinking that day I will never go through this again.  I wanted to ensure that when something catastrophic happened, CMPD employees had a resource to go to for financial assistance.  I started CMPD HOPE and shortly thereafter asked an informal group called the Blue Lights of Hope that helped officers with small financial needs to join me.  Together, I named the organization CMPD HOPE.  HOPE stands for "Helping our Personnel in Emergencies".  This organization is meaningful to me because I want to ensure that as an organization we have the ability to take care of our own in their time of need."

CMPD HOPE Board of Directors

Chairperson- Vicki Foster
Vice Chair-Karl Bannerman
Treasurer-Christina Crockett
Co-Treasurer-Angela (Redfern) Powers
Secretary-Celestine Ratliff
Co-Secretary-Jay Jones
Fundraising Coordinator-Chris Rorie
Intake Coordinator-Steve Huber
Donate to CMPD HOPE
Your donation will assist CMPD employees and their familes in time of need and also support the Steven Furr Memorial College Scholarship